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"The action we’re taking today is good for our families, our businesses, and our economy as a whole. Here in Michigan, the state that put the world on wheels, we are taking the initial steps to build the infrastructure to help us test and deploy the cars of the future."

Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer

“My vision for Michigan Central is to create an open mobility innovation district that solves tomorrow’s transportation challenges and improves mobility access for everyone,” said Bill Ford, executive chairman, Ford Motor Company. “Building out a connected corridor cements Michigan as a leader in creating a more connected, autonomous and electrified future. We thank the state for recognizing the community and economic benefits and the importance of creating smart infrastructure across southeast Michigan.”

Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC

“This project, and the decision by Cavnue and SIP to invest here, continues to reinforce that the future of mobility will be designed and built in Detroit and Southeast Michigan.”

Mark Duggan, Mayor of Detroit

“This is another exciting day for Michigan and our pioneering efforts to improve mobility and quality of life. We are excited to support Gov. Whitmer’s efforts and offer state infrastructure to showcase technology that will save lives and improve efficiency for commuters and the delivery of goods.”

Paul Ajegba, Director of the Michigan Department of Transportation

“This groundbreaking project reinforces Michigan’s current position as a global leader in mobility innovation, and it also keeps us moving forward on a path to more equitable, safe, and environmentally conscious transportation in the state.”

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